Thursday, March 1, 2007

What have I done now?

Ma had to shake me kinda hard to wake me up this morning. I refused to eat. I love ma's cooking and all but I don't feel really good today. I feel funny kinda different. Everything is begining to hurt me. I just want to sleep. I wish I could tell ma and pa to stay home with me today. But it's best just to let them go to work. They work really hard ~ sometimes too hard. Ma had to force me to stand up. She carried me outside to piddle. I barely had any energy. I just wanted to go back to bed. Ma left the TV on for me. I could hear elmo and the cookie monster on TV. She even left the heater on for me so that I would stay warm.
I was so lucky today!!! Pa came home for lunch and stayed a long time with me. He was kinda sad because no matter what he made me, eggs, wienies, two different dog foods, I just could not eat a thing. All I wanted to do was sleep. I spit up the food. I felt awful. I saw pa had a tear come down his face. I wish I had the energy to jump up and lick it off his face and tell him please not to cry and that I loved him very much. I was very happy to be here.
He called ma a few times to tell her I didn't look very good. I was beginning to hurt real bad all over. I just wanted to sleep. It hurt to breath and I don't know why. I am scared. I wish ma and pa were here to hold me. I am sooo tired and sleepy. I hurt really really bad. Why? I am supposed to be getting better like the doctor told ma & pa. But I don't think he was right. It hurts to breath. I barely have the energy to do that. I want ma & pa......... please make the hurt stop hurting. Please.