Saturday, March 1, 2008

In memory of DYLAN - 1 year later

Grant me the Serenity to live each day to the fullest for tomorrow may be my last......

It is one year later to the day, since we made the decision to have Dylan cross the Rainbow Bridge. We (ma & pa) were there by his side....... he wore his new turquoise sweater as he snuggled in my arms, wrapped in his blankie. We cried as the tech administered the dose. They said it may take a few minutes and may have to give him an extra dose before he sleeps eternally. Thank god they were wrong. It took less than one minute for him to take his last breath. It was heart wrenching, but I knew he was out of pain. I knew we had done everything possible to save him. It was a decision that was evident ~ quality of life.
Although this very special, little 4 year old Yorkie, that we rescued just three weeks earlier, captured all our hearts, he is gone, he will never be forgotten. His loving personality and smile-like face will forever remain in our hearts.

It was really difficult for me to get over the fact he was gone. It took me two months of going to various shelters and rescue agencies looking for a dog that caught my heart. It was the last stop in Santa Monica, where I found Buster. Immediately we bonded and he came home. I changed his name to Dylan, after the great Bob Dylan. He even liked listening to his music. The rescue agency and the vet said he was a very lucky guy to have had ma& pa. They said he was rescued from an animal shelter just before they were going to destroy him, as they had kept him for several months longer than they should have. But his scrawny look kept everybody from picking him. It was someone from the animal shelter that called the rescue agency. They picked him up right away. Since I was on their list, they called me almost immediately. He was only with the agency 3 days when I took him. They said he had kennel cough, but with the medicine they prescribed, he would be better in a week. Well, if you read his entries last year, you'll see, they were wrong. Sadly wrong.

Dylan probably did live the best 3 weeks of his life with us. He was treated like royalty. As I look back in hind sight and although my heart still aches and I cried a few tears this evening as I read his journal to Pa ( Pa never read Dylan’s journal, there certainly isn't a truest statement than ~ it was better to have gave love, if even for 3 weeks, than to never have given love at all.
He is my little angel.

Good bye my baby Dylan. You truly were a gift from heaven.

In memory of Dylan 2003 - 2007