Monday, February 26, 2007

5 days in the hospital

I spent 5 scary days in the hospital. It was cold and lonely. They had this tube in my little paw with lots of water going thru it. I was forever shaking, wouldn't eat and wanted just to be with my ma & pa. I slept a lot. After the 3rd day my ma & pa drove to see me. Remember I was in a hospital 1 hour away now. I was so happy to see them. My only sad thing was that I just had no energy to wag my tail or even get up.

Ma & pa brought me a cheese burger from jack in the box. N called them and told them it would be good for me to eat some fatty food since I was refusing to eat anything. I was feeling horrible. I found the energy to lay my little head in my ma's hand and kiss her hand. Man did it feel nice to be with them again. I was scared that they had abandoned me and I was gonna be stuck in another cold cage again. How much more depressed can I get??? Pa is soooo cool. He calls me Dylano. I guess that means I'm his special boy! He fed me and held me too. I felt kinda bad cuz I got my dog hair on his superman sweatshirt. You know how cool my pa is??? I wear a superman dog tag! Guess that's the closest I can get to having a tattoo just like pa! Hey it works for me!!!

I was very sad when they had to leave cuz I really wanted to be going with them but knew I was really sick and needed to stay here so that I could get better. I just wish I could get ma to stop crying. It makes me feel I was doing something wrong. I love my ma & pa! They said they would be back again tomorrow night and would bring me a hot dog!!!! Yummy... can't wait till tomorrow night.

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