Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My 4th day in the hospital

Ma & pa came to see me tonight. The kept their promise and brought me a hot dog. Man was it delicious!!!!!!! The vet said I have pneumonia and feels that I am doing much better and should recover from this soon. I am so very happy and ma was crying happy tears this time. I was happy for her too. As a ma, she asked (embarrassing - can't see my red face with all the fur) if I had pooped since I was in the hospital. They checked my chart. Could find that I had. If they would have just asked me, I would have told them no. I can't poop where I sleep. Please, could you? The vet said they (ma & pa) could take me outside for a walk and let me poop. Man she has only been my ma for a short while and she knows me so well. Not to mention, she even brought my jacket from home. I felt warm and happy just to be able to walk on grass outside. Pa was very happy to see me jumping over the small plants and strutting around. I peed like there was no tomorrow. I even pooped. Ma had to pick it up. Yuck! I didn't want to go back inside but ma said it was best not to over exert me because after all I did have pneumonia and we are trying to get me better. I just wanted to stay outside and enjoy the night. Pa was on my side - he was happy too, but ma was the boss and eventually ruled.
They said goodnight and promised to be back tomorrow night with a new treat. I can't wait to see what she brings me!!!!!! They really are terrific! I am so blessed.
p.s. I heard ma and pa talking to the tech about me and telling them how great I was outside and pooped too!!!! Everyone was elated!!!!

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