Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I went to the doc's

Mom insisted I wasn't feeling well or didn't look too good today despite the fact that I have kennel cough and seem to want to sleep most of the time. I am thankful that they rescued me.... but something is missing and I just can't quite pinpoint what it is. These people are awesome! The first weekend I came here, they bought me 3 ~ not 1~ but 3 doggie beds. Yikes! Just last month I was sleeping on cold concrete waiting for my number to be up until a lady from Perfect Pet Rescue saved me, took me in, cared for me, and placed me up for adoption. This is my my new ma & pa found me. Anyhow...... the first weekend we went shopping and they also bought me a Ralph Lauren sweater and a superman t-shirt. My pa really like superman. He's a serious collector and even has a tattoo of "S" on his arm.

Ma called N and told her I'm not eating very much and she is very worried about me. Since N is over an hour away, ma and pa took me to their old vet in Downey. He was ok. He gave me 3 shots and some medicine. Said if I didn't get better to come back in a few days. But we shouldn't see a change for about a week.
note to self: ....self get better. i really like this place! There is a lil dude here (about 12 yrs old) he is really fun too!

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