Saturday, February 17, 2007

What a fabulous weekend

What a fabulous weekend it was! Ma & pa's grand kids came over and spent the night!!! On Saturday we went to a beach especially for dogs!!!! Wow! a beach especially for us!! Only in Cali I tell ya! This is a dogs life! Now just remember this past week I haven't yet barked or been real excited or at least not public ally displaying it...... not sure what this new life is all about. We had so much fun...... I had never ran in the ocean water (wow was it so blue) or felt sand, or should I say never felt sand that wasn't associated with a cat and a box. As we ran up and down the coast it was terrific. The wind blowing against my fur. Sand, sand and water everywhere. At one point a big dog ran up to my ma. I got jealous and barked at him. What was I ever thinking? I am maybe, 1 foot tall next to this giant lab. Hey, when it comes to this terrific ma, he wasn't about to steal her from me! Had to protect my new findings! Ma and pa thought it was the cutest thing to finally hear me bark. She picked me up and kissed me! Agh!!!!! After that we all went and had pizza. I didn't get to eat any though. I had to stay in the truck. I didn't mind because I knew we had a great time and they were enjoying themselves too!After that, we came home and watched videos on TV and then they played xbox. And I learned that X-Box is not a litter box. No I didn't go near it...... but the kids were on blankets on the floor laughing and wrestling and having fun. I jumped in and played with them too. I had a fantastic time with them. They gave me doggie treats too! We watched a video called "good boy' do you think they were trying to tell me something? Nah ~ I'm well loved. The next morning ma & pa made pancakes and all the fixings. They smelled yummy. Although I ate eggs, I didn't get to taste the pancakes. We then went for a long walk (boy was it windy and chilly today) to the circle. Ma and T and I sat in the sun enjoying the rays and a beautiful day. I started not feeling good again and ma noticed. She held me most of the time. I didn't like it too much when strangers kept coming over to me and saying "what a cute dog ~ and try to pet me. After awhile it got old and ma noticed I was feeling very uneasy. I crawled into her arms and snuggled in her neck. I felt so secure and warm. Boy am I a lucky guy!

The walk back home was hard for me. I had to keep stopping. Ma carried me a ways. When the weekend was over, I was sad to see my new friends go home. Can't wait to see them again! Ma said maybe in 3 weeks.

ps. Did I mention we got to go to Petsmart today? I got a brand new jacket with a hood. It's blue (ok, it's purple and blue). Ma says I look adorable. She says she is going to take a picture of me in it. I hope not, it's purple!!! I'm a dude!

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